Monday, January 5, 2009

License of Works: More Information

Works published in this blog are by D.K. Pritchett of Southern Muse. Other licensed works are displayed on my profile at the Creative Commons network. Non-commercial users may reproduce, distribute, and make derivatives of the licensed work on this blog under the specific Creative Commons license as shown at the bottom of the main page of this blog, but are asked to attribute the idea to the artist/author, D.K. Pritchett. In addition to attribution, a link back to this blog would be greatly appreciated. Commercial use of this work is permissible, as allowed under the given C.C. license. If said commercial use actually proves to be profitable, then a small royalty or one-time payment to D.K. Pritchett in the spirit of "buying the artist a cup of coffee" would be very nice. Small donations, as gratuities or "tips" from the general public, just to say, "I like your work!" are accepted and appreciated. The above-mentioned Southern Muse is my domain and main website. Works of art, text, or other media displayed at Southern Muse are not included in the license of the current blog you are viewing, and may be subject to additional usage restrictions. On that domain, all rights are reserved unless specifically stated therein. Thanks for respecting my rights.

The photos, articles, stories, and other media in the blog are licensed:

Creative Commons License
D.K. Pritchett

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Please attribute all works to D.K. Pritchett.

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